You are currently viewing Webinar – How to Detect and Prevent Cloud-Specific Attacks

Webinar – How to Detect and Prevent Cloud-Specific Attacks

How to Detect and Prevent Cloud-Specific Attacks

As more businesses use the cloud, SOC departments face new problems and dangers. Safeguarding cloud environments necessitates a comprehensive approach that takes into consideration various degrees of security as well as the complexity and dispersion of cloud infrastructure design.

One of the most significant difficulties is a lack of information about the new hazards that have surfaced with cloud services. Continuous training, upskilling of SOC teams, and the correct technologies are required to identify and respond to new forms of threats.

Another issue is the lack of a uniform strategy to cloud security. Businesses frequently employ multiple cloud providers, standards, and criteria, making it challenging to ensure consistency and continuity of service.

Join to the webinar where it will demonstrate real-world instances of assaults and how to apply relevant solutions in Threat Hunting duties. It will also demonstrate how to detect and avoid cloud-specific threats.

You have been warmly invited this 29 March 2023 at 11:00am!

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