About Us

Cloud community europe polska

The Cloud Community Europe Polska association belongs to the Cloud Community Europe / Eurocloud network in Europe and is a member of GAIA-X AISBL in Brussels. Our mission is to build Digital Europe and to build technology partnerships for Polish companies in Europe, USA, South America, Asia, USA ,Africa. Cloud Community brings together digital experts, providers of cloud computing solutions, data processing and modern digital technologies, as well as technological and international partnerships. We create a business network, facilitate foreign expansion, participation in EU projects, and provide access to investors

Our mission

Contribute to the popularization and use of cloud computing by sharing best practices and closely coordinating with Cloud Community Europe associations across Europe.
Participation in creating the legal framework for cloud computing at national and European level.
Promoting the Polish IT vendors on the international arena.

Our technologies:

1. Infrastructure as Service- (IaaS) Data Centers,
2. Platform as Service (PaaS) – platforms for e-commerce, e-learning, e-health
3. Software as Service – different type
4. Cybersecurity as Service
5. Blockchain solutions for different sectors;
6. Fintech solutions for financial industry
7. Solutions based on Artificial Intelligence
8. Machine learning
9. Big Data, Data processing, Data management, data storage
10. Electronic games
11. E-health
13.Industry 4.0

What we do

1. We advise on migration to the Cloud and certification of cloud computing
2. We offer cloud solutions for medicine and health
3. We advise – clouds for the financial sector
4. We do cybersecurity audits
5. We offer new IT solutions for the energy, health, industry, agriculture and trade sectors.