Association's statute

The statute of the "Cloud Community Europe Polska" Association

The statute of the “Cloud Community Europe Polska” Association

General provisions

The association is called: “Cloud Community Europe Poland Association”, it uses the seal “Cloud Community Europe Polska Association” and a graphic symbol that distinguishes it. In the remainder of the Statute, the “Cloud Community Europe Poland Association” is referred to as the “Association”.

The Association operates on the basis of the Act of April 7, 1989 Law on Associations and the provisions of this Statute. The association has legal personality.
The association is established for an indefinite period of time.

The seat of the Association is Warsaw. The Association operates in the territory of the Republic of Poland and abroad in accordance with applicable law.

The Association may join national and international organizations whose object of activity is identical or similar to the activity of the Association.

The Association may create local organizational units – branches.
Local organizational unit – a branch may have legal personality.
The Management Board decides about establishing a field organizational unit.
When creating a local organizational unit – a branch, the Management Board determines its territorial scope.
The company of the local organizational unit of the Association contains the name “Cloud Community Europe Polska Association” and the term “organizational unit” or “branch” with an indication of the city in which the branch is based, in accordance with CHAPTER VI of this Statute.

The activity of the Association is based on the voluntary work of all members. The Association may employ employees, including its members, to conduct its affairs.

Goals and means of action

The aim of the association is:

promotion of the EU Digital Strategy, Digital Economy and the EU Cloud Computing Strategy and the Digital Poland Program,
disseminating knowledge and informing about Cloud Computing solutions as a digital transformation tool, including personal data protection and cybersecurity, with particular emphasis on public administration at the central and local level
promoting and supporting entities offering Cloud Computing solutions in the field of Iaas, Paas, Saas;
organization and support of initiatives for the development of Cloud Computing, in particular: organization of conferences, meetings, promotional events, congresses, study visits, training, promotional and information campaigns, publishing, promotion in electronic media;
undertaking educational initiatives and activities to raise the level of education, qualifications and knowledge among business entities, public administration, education, local government and society in the field of Cloud Computing and cyberspace security and other solutions of the Digital Economy;
undertaking activities supporting digitization and computerization of public administration and optimization of operating costs of business entities using Cloud Computing solutions;
conducting scientific, research and development, scientific and technical activities in the field of Digital Economy, including Cloud Computing solutions and services and ensuring cyberspace security;
undertaking initiatives to build IT infrastructure, healthcare and counteracting social exclusion with the use of Cloud Computing solutions;
supporting the development and cybersecurity of the capital market, financial institutions, and in particular banking with the help of Cloud Computing solutions ensuring cybersecurity;
promotion of Cloud Computing solutions for the development of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises;
Supporting innovative start-ups in the Digital Transformation sector using Cloud Computing solutions;
creating clusters and seed and investment funds for companies in the field of Cloud Computing and Cyber ​​security;
issuing opinions, providing consultations, preparing analyzes, preparing reports, issuing recommendations for public administration and the legislative authority in the field of Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity;
cooperation with Cloud Community Europe and Eurocloud organizations in other countries in order to develop the market and acquire partners, as well as other organizations at home and abroad, whose goals are similar or complementary to the goals of the Association and exchange of knowledge and experiences;
initiating and participating in national and international projects in the field of Digital Transformation, especially Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity.

The Association pursues its goals in a non-profitable manner by:

building knowledge resources, content, education and promotion of Cloud Computing solutions and solutions ensuring cyberspace security;
information activity, disseminating the development of Cloud Computing and the EU Digital Strategy in Poland, and cooperation with the media;
conducting scientific and research activities;
issuing opinions on regulations, ordinances and decisions in