You are currently viewing Cloud Community Europe is a Partner of the GIGACON Conference

Cloud Community Europe is a Partner of the GIGACON Conference

If you are wondering how to join the group of entrepreneurs who have discovered the advantages of the cloud – cost optimization, speed of implementation and flexibility of IT solutions – we cordially invite you to participate in the „Cloud Computing” GigaCon conference, which is held online on June 6, 2024.

During the event you will hear technical lectures on available solutions ready to be used in the organization, and substantive lectures, during which invited experts will share their knowledge based on many years of experience in working with cloud technologies.
The conference is addressed to senior and middle management who want to revolutionize the operation of their company and simplify the flow of information, as well as a wide range of recipients looking for new cloud solutions and wanting to apply changes to their existing resources.

• Evolution of cloud computing

• Cloud security

• The role of artificial intelligence in the cloud

• Edge Computing

• Energy efficiency in the cloud

• Cloud migration

• Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT)

• Cloud cost management

• Cloud and application development

• The future of cloud computing

• Serverless solutions

• Cloud Gaming

The agenda and free registration are available on the event website: