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AWS – Higher Level of SaaS Services

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Cloud computing is becoming the first choice for many organizations as the environment for information technology and the way to provide services. The speed of data processing, unlimited scalability, and, above all, the low barrier to entry into cloud solutions contribute to the constant double-digit growth of the market for these solutions. Despite the wide availability of cloud services, knowledge about the full potential of cloud computing for building a business model still requires grounding, and organizations need competent mentors.

This is especially true as the demanding market mercilessly verifies those organizations that do not keep up with technological trends. How can this be changed?

We invite you to watch a webinar where you will learn where your organization is today and how to optimally use the opportunity to create a cloud native model. AWS experts will step by step present the path to migrating applications to a global cloud environment, ensuring high availability of services close to the company and customers, redundancy, full automation of maintenance processes, and the highest level of security.

If your organization does not yet know how to switch to the SaaS model, how to adapt the right SaaS model to your market position, existing services and applications, new needs, then this webinar is for you.

AWS experts will explain in a simple way how to design and create Cloud Native systems – secure, fault-tolerant, scalable.

Moving to a higher level of cloud computing can be an opportunity for your business.